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Photography & Videography

The moment you select K Production, you are choosing a professional video and photo production partner with a solid track record. Once we are collaborating, you’ll be confident and rest assured that your photography and videography are being handled by one of the most capable companies in this field.


The services offered to customers include high-quality industrial photo & video shooting services. These services are highly demanded in making short films on the companies and for making advertisements for online promotion of the companies. These services are conducted by trained professionals who are well versed in lighting and angle techniques thus enabling them to capture the best images and videos.


Corporate Event Coverage

  • Video up to 3 minutes

  • Attended event time up to 1 day

  • 1 Videographer

  • Standard Lighting

  • Special Effect

Corporate Video

  • Video up to 5 minutes

  • Up to 3 shooting locations and site selection

  • Creative Storyboard

  • Talent Search

  • Professional Special Equipment

  • Special Effect & Music Arrangement

  • Movie Director & Cinematographer

  • Film Director & Screenwriter

Cinematic Commercial/ Corporate Documentary

  • Cinematic Video up to 8 minutes

  • Up to 5 shooting locations and site selection

  • Creative and customize storyboard

  • Talent search and artist management

  • Professional special equipment

  • Special Effect & Music Arrangement

  • Movie Director & Cinematographer

  • Film Director & Screenwriter

Event Management

You will never regret selecting K Production as your event manager. This is because we possess the expertise and experience in organizing all kinds of indoor and outdoor events. We also have experience dealing with event participants as young as primary schoolchildren.     


The services offered to customers include high-quality event planning services such as event management, event coordination, theming, décor & styling, conferencing, exhibitions & signage, entertainment, and venue sourcing. We possess the expertise to conduct any functions that suit your needs including corporate events, personal events, entertainment services, and venue management.  







Staffing & Coordination

Performance Management

Recording & Audio Post Production

As a recording and audio post-production studio set up, we are uniquely positioned to meet all of our clients’ end-to-end production needs. This entails our specialties in music, voice, and sound effects; always with a keen awareness of what is conveyed to audiences through audio.


Audio Post Production

Voice Over Recording


We offer a comprehensive range of audio post-production services. These cover all stages of audio production relating to sound produced and synchronization with moving pictures (film, television, or video). It involves music composition, sound design, effects, Foley, automated dialogue replacement (ADR), sound editing, audio mixing, and mastering.

We have a significant number of voice talents with specialties in lip sync/voice acting/narration and announcement reading. Need to do voice recording in languages other than English? We got you covered here because our voice talents are multi-lingual. Therefore, they can also record in languages such as Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, and other foreign languages, other than English.

We specialize in recording message that is played by auto attendants, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, message-on-hold systems, voicemail, cell phone greetings, automated call distribution equipment (ACD), and other voice processing tools. The “prompt” is a request to input some data, which is in contrast with a voice “message” which is a recording that doesn’t seek feedback. 


Music Album Production



It doesn’t matter what genre of album you want! We have the expertise and experience to produce any genre of albums, be it pop music, hip hop, or others. We also have past working experiences with different artists/producers. 

A great film must be paired with great music to be successful. A classic example would be the theme song of the “Jurassic Park” film. Our team can design sound effects that perfectly resonate with the theme of the film.

It is vital to building a connection between a melody and a brand to make the latter more memorable and relatable. We achieve this by selecting a melody that is compatible with the image and direction of the brand.   

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